POW Control 1-3

Item Number: 7XPOWM
7XPOWM - Power control unit for synchronization of 1-3 C-type lifts/columns.The power box includes a power supply unit with mains wire,a master box, a manual up/down control panel.RF remote emitter is optional and is to be purchased separately.Max load:Up side up1 lift/column - 65 kg2 lifts/columns - 100 kg3 lifts/columns - 125 kgUp side down (lifts only!)1 lift - 29 kg2 lifts - 49 kg3 lifts - 59 kgDownload assembly instructionPow Control 1-3 trouble shooting Show More
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Product Number: 7XPOWM
Total Components: 1
Amount Component Description
1 7XPOWM POW Control 1-3
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