TV lifts, TV swivels, TV bed lifts, electric height adjustable systems and more

VENSET is a supplier of electric TV lifts and other products for electric movement; TV bed lifts, cabinet lifts, office monitor lifts, furniture slides and much more. For complete overview, press below button

VENSET presents a wide range of products to the furniture industry. Our main products are TV lifts, TV bed lifts, swivels, TV power lift, electric desk components, window operators and other furniture accessories. Our customers are typically furniture manufacturers who design and produce their own products incorporating our components for electric height adjustment.

TV lifts products

Do you need to elevate, lower, swivel or hide your TV-screen? Choose VENSET to get started, we offer a series of slim design high performance remote controlled TV-lifts - all by the push of a button.

Desk lift systems

Custom build office desks using VENSET desk lift components and bring life to your office desks – all by the push of a button.

Cabinet lift products

Lowering the cabinet to see the spices or elevating a screen from the countertop to watch a game while cooking? VENSET can make this happen – all by the push of a button.

Electric window openers

Find a wide selection of possibilities to open and close the windows that you just cannot reach – all by the push of a button