TS1000B Floor/Ceiling (50/29 kg)

Item Number: TS1000B 7BXX1 FM1000 B1
With a stroke of 1000 mm the TS1000B handles very large LCDs/plasmas. Despite the big stroke, the unit only requires a build-in height of 750 mm. Controlled with rockerswitch, but remote control with RF or IR is optional. Peak load of 50 kg and working load of 45/29 kg (see specifications). Fits the following VESA standards: 200x200 and 200x100 Download product data sheet Download mounting instruction Show More
A Product can consist of several components.
Product Number: TS1000B 7BXX1 FM1000 B1
Total Components: 2
Amount Component Description
1 TS1000B 7BXX1 75-175 cm/45 kg, Electric Flat Lift, black
1 FM1000 B1 Bracket TS1000, floor mounting




Minimum Height: 750 mm. Maximum Height: 1750 mm. Max Stroke: 1000 mm. Adjustable Stroke: True Max Load: 45 kg. -- Mounted upside down: 29 kg. Peak Load: 50 kg.
Colour: Black Reverse Function: False Inputpower: 110-240 VAC/50-60 Hz AC Plug: EU/UK/US/NZ/AUS Manual Switch: False
RF Remote System: IR Remote System: Optional R147880 + R137380 Lidlifter: Yes Mounting Brackets: Optional MB002/MB003 VESA: 200x200,200x100,600x400**,600x200**,600x100**,400x400**,400x300**,400x400***,400x200**,400x100**,300x300**,400x300***,400x200***,400x100***,300x300***