60-130 cm/30kg, Electric Flat lift Lift, black

Item Number: TS700D 7BXX1

The TS700D has a stroke of 700mm and is designed for small to large LCD/plasma screens. 

The load capacity of the lift can set to 4 different levels:

  • Level 1 : 0 - 7,5 kg 
  • Level 2 : 7,5 - 15 kg
  • Level 3 : 15 - 22,5 kg
  • Level 4 : 22,5 - 30 kg  
This allows the lift to be used in many different applications, while not compromising safety. The lifting capacity is set in the included control kit, and can be changed easily and quickly. The stroke can also be adjusted to limit the stroke height and/or the stroke drop. Controlled with rocker switch or remote control. 

The lift has an incredible stroke compared to the required build-in height, which makes this unit usable for installation almost everywhere.   

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A Product can consist of several components.
Product Number: TS700D 7BXX1
Total Components: 3
Amount Component Description
1 TS700B 7BXX1 60-130 cm/45 kg, Electric Flat Lift, black
1 159370 Control Kit, TS - D models
1 R315290 Remote Emitter, 1 motor
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