Electric column, fixed head, foot with wheels

Item Number: DF019 7S FB000 FBSFSF
The DF0X1 1SXX1 is a slim and well-designed lifting column with a peak/working load of 100/29 kg. Thanks to the special guide system, an excellent strength is achieved in all directions. Both the fixed and movable parts of the column are equipped with a pattern of M6 holes, allowing for easy mounting of external components. Download product presentation Download product data sheet Download technical data Download mounting instructions (coming soon) Download drawings Show More
A Product can consist of several components.
Product Number: DF019 7S FB000 FBSFSF
Total Components: 5
Amount Component Description
1 FB019 B1 Fixed Head, DF019, black
1 501-19 XS095 Foot-1, Silver
1 501-19 HXXX 4 wheels
1 501-X1 XSXXX Electric leg, silver
1 MB002 B1 Monitor Bracket, TS1000, black
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