50-110 cm/8 kg, Electric Flat Lift, black

Item Number: TS600B 7BXX1

TS600B is an electric flat lift with integrated auto-stop function. A very slim, flat-lift/TV-lift designed for use in TV beds, kitchen cupboards and other furniture, where slimness is of high importance.

The back of the TS600B is flat without any protruding screws or intrusive features, which makes this lift perfect in environments where the lift is visible from the back side.

Key features:

  • Maximum thickness just 45 mm
  • Minimum installation height of only 50 cm
  • 60 cm of travel from 50 cm to 110 cm height
  • Automatic anti-squeeze auto-stop safety
  • Easy to adjust endstops, so you can set the height range
  • Can be used upside down, downside up.
  • Max working load: 8 kg (see specifications)
  • Controlled with rocker switch

Optional features:
  • Lid lifter and VESA TV/Monitor bracket
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Product Number: TS600B 7BXX1
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1 TS600B 7BXX1 50-110 cm/8 kg, Electric Flat Lift, black
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Minimum Height: 500 mm.Maximum Height: 1100 mm.Max Stroke: 600 mm.Adjustable Stroke: YesMax Load: 8 kg.Mounted upside down: 8 kg.
Colour: BlackReverse Function: NoInputpower: 110-240 VAC/50-60 Hz AC Plug: EU/UK/US/NZ/AUS
RF Remote System: Optional R315290Lidlifter: Optional R131770