Wall hanging TV lifts

Range of remote controlled TV lifts for wall mounting.

Different designs, all with slim and high performance lifts integrated.


Wall mounted TV lift with fixed head, multi Vesa
DF019 7S FB019 WBMB
Wall mounted TV lift with swivel head
DF019 7S SB000 WB
TS1000A Floor/Ceiling (100/29 kg)
TS1000A 7BXX1 FM1000 B1
TS1000B Floor/Ceiling (50/29 kg)
TS1000B 7BXX1 FM1000 B1
TS700A Floor/Ceiling (100/29 kg)
TS700A 7BXX1 FM700 B1
TS700B Floor/Ceiling (50/29 kg)
TS700B 7BXX1 FM700 B1